Environmental protection

Our company fulfils exactly “at the same time the threes” the system, after guaranteeing the sewage treatment, conforms to GB8978-1996 "Sewage Synthesis Emission standard" the primary standard emissions, conforms to Jixi County environmental protection bureau COD the total quantity guide posts limiting value request;  The boiler exhaust emissions achieves GB13271-2001 "Boiler Air pollutant Emission standard" two kind of areasⅡThe time interval standard, and conforms to Jixi County environmental protection bureau issuing SO2 and the mist and dust emissions total quantity limiting value.Danger waste request handling center processing, meets the country related laws and regulations requirement;Night and day’s Noise Meet GB3096-93”the urban area standard of environmental noise”Ⅲ standards,and we also make out a formulation accident contingency plans, and has formed a complete set the corresponding facility, has avoided the accident emissions the risk which produces to the environment, causes the environment risk control to be possible to accept the level, and has achieved the economic efficiency, the social efficiency and the environment benefit unification.

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